8 Reasons to Consider LED Replacement Bulbs vs. T8 Fluorescent Bulbs

When it comes to led spotlights which bulbs wins- fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs? For the last three year, I have been touting excellent benefits of T8 lighting.  This has been the cheapest office lighting option retrofits. The LED technology have been too expensive to invest regarding purchase and installation.

Why should we consider LED spotlights?

The T8 bulbs were initially warranted for threeyears but failed at 2.5 years. They were meant to last 40,000 hours, which beyond 3 years and most fell short of 2.5 years.  Last week my installer got back and said the whole place needed a re-lamp 6 months past the warranty date, I was about to fall off my chair. How could that be? That the reason why they are warranted for only 2 years.

If I had installed LED spotlight, the initial price could have been worth the time of service. Currently, the LED technology has come down in price, and there are a lot of more option to enjoy.

The LED Replacement Bulb (4-inch tube) replaces any existing T8 bulbs in the same T8 fluorescent fixtures. No bulb can beat a lifetime of LED fixtures.

What’s a Hovey LED Replacement bulbs?

  • A DIRECT REPLACEMENT for any existing T8 Fixtures.
  • Doesn’t affect the original UL listing for a T8 Fixture
  • Carry a REAL 5 years warranty

Why should you consider DIRECT REPALCEMT LED BULBS over T8?

More Efficient:

LED replacement bulbs are 30 percent efficient. You get more light from LED replacement bulb and uses less wattage. The LED spotlights replace 22 watts compared to T8 28-32 watts.

Directional Light Source:

The LED spotlight emits light inan 110-degree pattern. The T8 fluorescent bulbs have360-degree pattern. In this case, only 30% of light given off by the T8 hits the intend target.  This means you aren’t using all the available light as the fluorescent bulb is also lighting the fixture.  That is why fluorescent fixtures are brighter with reflectors but LED Bulbs the best. More explained in this post: http://www.abstractartoncanvas.com/tips-planning-home-interior-led-lights/

The LED transfer light vs. Heat:

The LED spotlight fixture uses energy to produce lights.  The fluorescent uses heat to generate light, that why traditionally incandescent, metal halide and fluorescent are losing favour on the market.

LED Still Give Off Light At End-Of-Life:

At the end of life, a fluorescent bulb is easy to spot, it’s clearly DEAD and nothing left. The T8 is considered dead when its light is 60% off roughly 14,400 hours.  LED replacement bulbs calculate dead of life 70% which is approximately 50,000 hours. To keep up with LED replace the T8 bulbs 3.5 times.

LED Replacement Bulbs Have No Mercury

The most important reason to get LED spotlight is the fact that there is no Mercury or Glass content with LED lighting.

LED Does Not Give Off UV

The LED bulbs do not emit any light in the non-visible light spectrum (UV). The UV/IR light causes colours fade on fabrics, signage and it’s the leading cause of eye and eye fatigue.

LED Makes Air Conditioning More Efficient

LED spotlight contribute to not in regards to heat gain in a room or air conditioned space. The LED generates less heat. The less heat means that air conditioning system does not have to work as hard.

When upgrading or new building, you may be able to utilise smaller A/C system to heat the same area.

LED Provides 70% More Light

The beam angle from a LED replacement bulb is 110 degrees meaning all light generated by the LED bulb is focused in the 100-degree area.

What Do You Think? Is it worth it?  Are you going to try it?  Buy and LED spotlight today?


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