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The Abstractartoncanvas blog is a leading online source for LEDs, residential lighting systems, outdoor luminaries and illumination for commercial spaces.

These days, people have several options for indoor and outdoor illumination. Traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights are being superseded by high-performance LEDs. The modern lighting option features efficient operation, with up to 30 percent lower energy consumption. Moreover, less maintenance and re-lamping are required over long periods of use. Since LEDs emit less heat during operation, the area stays cooler and more comfortable for individuals residing in the space.

With LEDs, indoor lighting configurations are maximized. Gone are the days when bulky bulbs and mounts take up unnecessary space on walls and ceilings. LEDs are composed of tightly packed circuitry, which caters to directional lighting preferences and compact installations. Without loose parts and toxic filaments, the luminaries take on solid-state construction that is capable of withstanding rough treatment.

LED lights are suitable for illumination in every room inside a home. In the kitchen, linear LED fixtures, combined with LED strip lights and cabinet lights, offer enhanced visibility with minimal dark spots. For bedrooms, low-temperature LED lamps provide soft lighting for nighttime activities. Garage lighting systems incorporate heavy-duty LED lamps with accurate CRI ratings for detailed, mechanical tasks.

Outdoor, residential spaces may also utilize LEDs for widespread illumination. Low voltage, waterproof features ensure safe and reliable operation during bad weather. Lights equipped with sensors and motion detectors can boost security in the target area. When paired with a security camera, monitoring is greatly streamlined and intruders are discouraged from trespassing the well-lit location.

New technologies have made transitioning to LEDs easier than ever. When making the big switch, individuals could purchase retrofit kits or directly install LED replacement bulbs that are compatible with legacy lighting systems. Both options are effective and come with their own respective benefits and drawbacks.