Lighting, Catering, and Other Details You Need to Think About When Hosting a Gallery Opening

When hosting any type of event, there are so many details you need to be considering. It might be hard not to forget any of them. The most important thing is making sure that you have the basics down. I love to throw a good party and even better if it is an event that people are excited to attend. Depending on what kind of party you are having you need to think of different things. However, I recently had a client ask me to help them plan a gallery opening they were hosting for an artist friend of theirs. This was something new and different that I did not have a lot of experience with so I was very careful while planning how we go about it. There are definitely a few things I wished I known or considered, so I thought it might be helpful to put together a quick guide with some tips you may want to read if you are hosting a gallery opening anytime soon.

Lightening Is More Complex Than You Think

This is one of the first lessons I learned while helping my friend Angela plan her opening. The lighting in a store, versus the lighting in your home is obviously different and used for different things, and most people are aware of this even if they don’t think about it often. However, the difference in lighting at a gallery versus lighting in any other setting all depends on the type of artwork that is being shown. It is not uncommon to see very dim lighting if the material being displayed is sensitive in some way. When I first started developing the floor plan for this event, I wanted to crank up the brightness in certain areas of the room. This was forbidden not only because of the sensitivity of the materials but because it would take away from some of the focus on the piece of art being displayed.

Dress to Be Comfortable and Stylish

The last thing you want to do is be so uncomfortable you need to sit down less than half way through. You are the host so you need to be present the entire time. Keep this in mind when choosing your footwear. A pair of heels is probably not the best idea. However, I great pair of Stewart Weitzman boots or something with a little bit of support is probably what you will need. There are usually great sales on shoes around this time of year.

Choose the Right Food for Your Crowd

Catering can mean beer wine and a charcuterie plate but it can also mean passed finger foods, and other things that may get messy. Keep this in my when you are choosing a catering company. There are even some companies out there who specialize in food for these types of events. The most important thing to remember though, is that food attracts people, so make sure you are at least offering something even if it is small.

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